Tuesday, January 15, 2013


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This year, I have a few resolutions. And I do like to make them out in public, on this here blog, in an attempt to make me stick to them better. 

+ read more books!

Instead of watching so much tv (as Alex and I are apt to do... we just inhale it!), I'd like to actually finish the long list of books on my list this year. I'm always pretty good at scarfing down a handful of books each summer at the cabin or during traveling, but this year I need to try and read more all year round. (Or maybe I just need to consume more of BOTH tv and books? we will see...) I remember a time when my mom used to have to pry the book out of my cold dead (okay not dead, just dead tired) hands as I read in bed late each night when I was younger. But I havent done that since I was a teenager. Time to pick it up again? I think yes.

+ start exercising regularly again

Super embarrassing picture of me regaining my flexibility last year, I know... I did great at sticking to my 2012 goal of finding an exercise routine that worked for me, and doing that regularly. But I may have fallen off that horse since we moved in to the new house... I think I have a pretty good chance of turning this one around for 2013. 

+ travel!

Last year, we didnt get to travel much, since we blew our travel budget with our Honeymoon to Hawaii in 2011 and oh, you know buying that house! But, I am bursting to say, we mayyyy already have some exciting travel plans brewing for this spring! Just waiting to book the best ticket price before I make that announcement public... I believe in jinxes.

+ work on the house 

2013 is going to be the year of the exterior! Let me tell you. I have big plans to install a reclaimed brick patio in the back yard, furnish the patio and front porches with furniture and potted plants (and string lights, oh my!), do some landscaping (our house has none), continue to spruce up the exterior trim and gutters that need repair work, and maybe even get a nice fence installed (but dont tell Alex, he'd kill me if I told him that right now, as it would be a huge splurge!). It is going to be a wonderful year of taking advantage of relaxing on the porch, and partying late into the night with friends on the patio! I can't wait!

+ maybe record a few songs with Alex 

This one is a silly one, and something that may or may not happen. But Alex is always messing around on the guitar upstairs (never more so now that we have the house, and a whole room for him to hole up in and practice), and singing in the shower in the morning. And I just wish there was a way I could join in. He seems so happy when he's listening to/playing music. So I was just recently thinking that there might be a way to convince him to record some of those things with me. I've been inspired by all of the do-it-yourself recordings over here, here and here. And I think it might be fun! What should our record be called??

PS: Here are my resolutions from 20122011 and even 2010 too! (Although, that last one's more of a 2009 wrap-up post, it was too good not to share...)

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