Saturday, September 10, 2011

blue hawaii

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Oh hey, did I not share these Honeymoon photos from our trip to Hawaii yet? Oops! All photos below shot on medium format Kodak film with vintage Yashica-A twin lens camera. I'm really proud of how many of them turned out. So much so, I'm thinking about printing a bunch of these and getting them framed for the MCAD Art Sale in November. Hopefully, I actually follow through on that! (you can see more on my Flickr, here)

And speaking of vacations, I'll probably be on a plane right about now on my way to Las Vegas with my lovely husband! He was lucky enough to to be invited to this national software conference this week, and I'm just tagging along. Not sure how much time I'll actually be out and enjoying the town by myself, since we wont have a rental car. But I do plan on laying by the pool and eating lots of great buffet food, for sure. Anyone who's been there have any must-visit suggestions? Have a great weekend everyone and see you soon!

Scratch that, let's just go back to Hawaii!
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