Monday, September 8, 2014

Alright folks, super exciting announcement time.

Alex and I are planning another jaunt to Europe this fall, I am so indescribably excited! This time we will be in Paris for 8 days, and then meandering around the French Riviera / Cote d'Azure for an additional week. If you know me in real life, you know that I can barely stop talking about it, and for that I am truly sorry, friends! I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to be able to travel at this point in my life. I know it is not super common for people my age to travel outside of school-sponsored study abroad programs... My parents are always joking (not joking) that we are by far more well-traveled by age 30 than they will ever be. We will of course be on a strict budget, Paris has a pretty bad rap as being super expensive. But honestly, I would rather travel on a budget than not travel at all.

I just cant wait to do everything in Paris I've always dreamed about (hellooo Paris flea, I'm comin' for you!) and then spend some time just stuffing ourselves with pizza and seafood, drinking wine, and lazing about the beach all day. I think we're going to skip the touristy things this time around, including admission to the Louvre (I know, shoot me if you must. Again, budget constraints) and the Eiffel Tower (though I wouldn't mind finding a scenic hilltop to gaze at it from afar!) I just want to roam the streets, window shop, eat and people watch; picnic along the Seine and maybe stroll through the Pierre Lachaisse cemetère to say hello to my dearest, Edith Piaf.

Have you been to France at all, do you have any must-see / must-do / insider tips for a couple exploring Paris on a budget? You must fill me in!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I hardly ever wear skirts anymore. Aside from the occasional maxi skirt / dress, I've almost completely forgotten how to wear them. But then I spotted this skirt in a drawer and decided to figure it out. This is a pretty crazytown outfit for me, you cant hardly see the light blue and white vertical pinstripes on this blouse in the pictures, but I assure you it is striped. So I'm feeling pretty psyched about my successful skirt-wearing and pattern-mixing!

In retrospect, I think this outfit is comprised entirely of Emma things! I snagged the blouse and skirt from her before heading out to LA (lucky me!), and the booties (you can tell me if I'm wrong lady, but I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess) are a pair that she happens to have too :) Funny how things work out sometimes.

the deets: blouse and skirt (H&M): from Emma // booties: Target, thrifted

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Okay, so I've made so much progress on the house since my last post, and I've just been so busy enjoying each one of them, the small things and the big changes! But sharing them here on the ole blog is wayyy past due dont you think? So let's get started playing catch up.

First up, the mini-makeover I gave the first floor bathroom (see before pictures in this post). It was put in when the previous owners flipped the house, in an existing hallway to the kitchen. And luckily the fixtures (decent pedestal sink, toilet with traditional styling) aren't too horrendous (though not what I would have chosen), but it really was sort of basic in there, and I wanted to bring it up to the level of character that the rest of our house has. So all I really had to do was paint, change out the light fixture, add period door hardware, repaint some existing things, add accessories and VOILA! I really want to add just one more small detail that will add a little bit of character to the otherwise pretty new-construction-looking space: a simple painted white pine beadboard ceiling and crown moldings to match the simple details of our house. I'll add a photo of that as soon as I can!

For now, please enjoy these awful iPhone photos that I took for you ;)

I'll be installing that same set of antique door hardware on all the doors in my house, eventually. I lucked out, usually old backplates dont fit over the pre-bored holes of new doors, but these were a perfect fit! Also, what do we think about this rug, versus the old rug? I wanted one that fit better, but am worried that this one is almost too small for the space. Though I do love the colors, pattern and most of all the texture!

the deets:

lighter grey and darker grey wall paint: Ace Kensington & Clark color-matched to Benjamin Moore // vanity light fixture: Industrial Loft Double Wire Guard pendant from Barn Light Electric // hand towels: Turkish bath towels, souvenirs from our trip to Istanbul last summer // handmade ceramic vase: vintage, thrifted // wool and jute rug: thrifted // antique black porcelain knob set and lock: Northwest Architectural Salvage // towel bar (existing) painted with: Krylon matte black finish

Thanks for bearing with me, guys. This whole homeownership thing has taken over my life, and I am enjoying every minute of it:) Coming up next on my house-project tour, the studio upstairs! This one's also an oldie, but a goodie :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Woa, you guys check out this throwback! I was digging around an old hard drive recently when I came across a bunch of 16mm film dailies, including a few of this baby. What a dreamboat! Maybe I should make another film soon, yeah?

Watch the videos below:

alex 8 from Allison Vallant on Vimeo

alli 9 from Allison Vallant on Vimeo

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