Thursday, January 7, 2010

favorites of 2009!

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I took a cue from some of my favorite bloggers, such as Sally Jane and Clever Nettle among countless others, and have compiled a list of my favorite outfits from the past year! I have been doing wardrobe_remix now for two years and it really is so interesting to look back and see what you were wearing, and how you've changed since then. Its also fun to see what you liked, and to remind yourself to remember to do it again! And with me, to see my hair color change!

In 2009 I found myself wanting simpler and simpler clothing, and began stocking up on staples like the perfect pair of jeans, plain tees and simple dresses that can layer. I allowed myself to spend more on these staples too, instead of cheaping out and needing to get another pair a month later. This REALLY helps with jeans... No more thrifting cheap pairs of jeans that dont fit exactly right! I also tried duh duh DUHHHHH the leggings trend for the first time and have been especially loving them this winter. Under everything!

I also delved further and further into vintage clothing this year even though Ive loved vintage FOREVER. I did this by not only looking for show-stopping vintage dresses when I go, but also for simple vintage separates and pieces that really fit me perfectly. Now I am able to put down an amazing vintage piece if it doesnt fit me correctly, which I dont think I was as capable of last year. I always thought I could MAKE IT FIT...

I then began purging like Ive never purged before! I cleaned out my closet in early 2009 - originally because Alex and I have almost NO closet space in our current place and I needed to downsize - and never looked back. I regularly pick out things I hardly ever wear and bring them to the local Buffalo Exchange to sell them (and buy one or two relevant pieces in exchange!). I find this to be the best habit I have ever gotten into. They are just clothes, and I will just replace them as my tastes change... dont be so nostalgic!

ps: Can you tell that I (and my outfits) prefer warmer temperatures?? That last one (below) is from November, and the other three from the same set are from August!! I really need to work on my winter outfits...

As far as New Year's Resolutions go, I dont think Im going to really set any for myself (I never do), except to remember to tell myself to be more spontaneous! I have to try to remember to take risks in my personal, professional, and artistic lives and not hold myself back because I am worried of what people might think, or what might happen, or if I will regret it someday. From now on, if I want to do something really badly, I am going to MAKE IT HAPPEN. I seriously need to adopt that. What about you guys? Do you set New Year's Resolutions?
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