Tuesday, January 5, 2010

lets talk about art

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Lets depart from the shopping and fashion and clothes for a little while and talk about art. Some things have been happening lately, and I thought I would share them with you...

First of all, the most exciting, is that I was fortunate enough to be chosen to take part in a community arts grant project awhile back called FEAST. Funding Emerging Artists with Sustainable Tactics was begun in Brooklyn last year, and the FIRST FEAST MPLS was held a few weeks ago at Traffic Zone Center for the Arts building downtown (you can go read more about the really cool event process and read the artist proposals at their website) I didnt end up taking home the grant money, but it was so refreshing to actually talk to other artists vying for the same grant, with project organizers, and with all of the enthusiastic voters that came from all walks of life, all interested in hearing about your socially engaging (social experiment in most cases) art proposal. It was great. Here are a few pictures!

(PS: I met a wardrobe remix friend in real-life and in-person at the event and we chatted, how cool!?)

Next, I am going to direct you to my Flickr photostream (and below) to see a large batch of 35mm photos that I took over the course of this summer when I found a 35mm point and shoot, put in a new battery and gathered up some film! It really felt good to be making pictures, which I havent done in longer than I would like to admit. Hopefully I will continue to shoot more and find some sort of project out of this. Ive never functioned as a photographer this way before, as I usually know what I want to shoot, how I want to shoot it, and then go out and shoot it that way to fit my artist statement. This time, Im not going to write an artist statement, and Im not going to have a project first. I am going to have the photographs first... We will see what happens.

And then I wanted to briefly share one of many artist's websites that are in my current hypothetical inspiration folder right now. Carla Rodriguez is a friend of mine, currently working in New York at the famous 20x24 studios (jealous!). Her website is simple, dark, and dreamy (as is her work)...

For my next post, I have decided to compile some of my favorite wardrobe remix pics from 2009, a la several blogger ladies out there such as Sally Jane and Clever Nettle. Stay tuned and welcome to 2010!
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