Monday, February 4, 2013

down in the dumps

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Sorry I haven't been around lately, guys. I've had the winter doldrums setting in. You know, the "just hibernating and feeling completely unmotivated and uninspired" type stuff. And to top it all off, a good friend and colleague of mine passed away last week... It's been rough. But I have to say that after this weekend, I feel revived. I was surrounded with fun times and great friends. It helped me to feel so thankful for what I have!

Friday we went to see Sarah perform her heart out at the Minneapolis Burlesque Festival along with countless other sexies at the Ritz in Northeast, and closed down the after-party at the bar next door afterwards! So much fun!

Saturday, Alex and I did some errands (including a stop at Fulton Brewery, only our second brewery on what is looking like a looooong checklist) and then went to a see Ben's band, Coat Pocket Whiskey, at one of their most low-key performances so far.

Finally on Sunday, our friends Emma and Bryan hosted their 4th annual Superbowl / Halftime show viewing / chili cookoff extravaganza! It was definitely the best yet. Three kinds of delicious chilis, wings, meatballs, cornbread and CAKE. Plus, Beyonce was awesome! And Destiny's Child?!?! I die.

Thanks friends for being there for me! I cant wait til next weekend, for I have brunch plans with ladies and video game competitions scheduled. That should definitely help me out of my doldrums this week. Plus, I have some exciting blog posts scheduled, now that I am back in action and feelin' pumped. Stay tuned!

Photo above is the lovely city of Saint Paul, as viewed from Indian Mounds Regional Park, taken with my iPhone.
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