Wednesday, February 6, 2013

the guest bedroom

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As I write this, I realize that I still have not posted an "after" post of the upstairs bathroom, like I had promised. BUT I suppose there is plenty left to accomplish up there, even though I did go ahead with the Polka Dots (yay! I cant wait to show you now!). To tide you over, here are some shots of the guest bedroom that I recently "finished"! I really wanted to get this room furnished very quickly, so that we could fully utilize our big house, and host overnight guests / out-of-town visitors! And it's totally kismet, since we just made plans to host some friends of ours from Alaska when they visit this August!

I still have to paint the room, as I have flip-flopped back and forth with my decision on that front. Either a dark bluish-grey (which I'm leaning towards) or a bolder navy (which Alex prefers). I want the room to be dark and cozy, which is just how I imagine a guest room should be! But I dont know, what do you guys think? I need your votes! I also want to install a vintage or industrial wall lamp above the bed for a reading light, and since the new fixture we installed on the ceiling isnt very bright. Then I can hang the photograph and maybe a few other wall things.

BUT the bedding is exactly how I wanted it, the swedish rug turned out great in the room, and I love the ceiling medallion we chose with the clear globe lighting fixture! And we were able to use our old headboard from Ikea, even though it is for a double bed, and the mattress/ bedframe is a queen. All I needed was some mounting plates and nuts and bolts. It's a tad bit wobbly, but it works and looks great!

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