Wednesday, October 17, 2012

upstairs bathroom

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In the upstairs bathroom, we have this dark brown marble (-esque?) tile on the floor and shower walls. I am not sure how I feel about it. In a few years, I'd love to replace it with bright white subway tile on the walls and hex tile on the floor (restore it to a more period turn-of the century look). But for now, at least I can paint the walls a different color than the icky pinkish-tan that the flippers chose (its really pink, the picture below doesnt show the color accurately). I'd rather not bring out the pinkish tint in the tiles, ya know what I mean?? Here's the way it looks right now (except we have a white cotton shower curtain in there, obviously.

So I've thought of a couple of paint color options that I'd like you to help me decide on. The first option is just to paint it white. Duh. Easy fix right? Or bring out a different part of the tile to warm up the room a bit and paint it a light cream or ivory to contrast all the white that is already in there.

BUT THEN I thought, well maybe I could do something cute and quirky in there to brighten it up a bit? Our bedroom right next door is already white, and the living/dining room downstairs is also white.

How about I painting light cream or ivory polka dots? I was inspired by this photo of Leslie Hickey's lovely living room makeover, via Design*Sponge. That subtle cream-on-white houndstooth pattern has me swooning!

Or we could be a bit more adventurous (read: expensive. this would have to wait a bit, but would be more cost effective than fully retiling the space) and put in beadboard on the walls and ceiling, like this bathroom I also saw on Design*Sponge (that is almost exactly identical to ours, weird!!) and keep the wall color a bit darker, khaki maybe? Or cream?

Plus, this was an excuse to make some fun photoshop mockups to help me visualize the space. :)

The Poll Starts Now:
1) paint all white!
2) paint all cream/ivory
3) paint white with subtle cream/ivory dot pattern
4) white beadboard with khaki walls

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