Sunday, January 24, 2010

new things around the house

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Everyone has their home improvement projects and upgrades they need to make to their apartment. Since Alex and I have moved into this place two years ago, we've gotten all of the new furniture, have built all of the shelves and made modifications to generally personalize our living space to our liking. But I am always looking for more to do! I get inspiration from design blogs, apartment therapy, and all you go-getters out there. So today I finally finished a a couple of projects that I had been meaning to get around to all year.

I received a garment rack from the container store from my mom for Christmas! Now I can finally hang all of the clothes for the shop! No more wrinkled piles of clothes on the ground. No more mixing up items that have been listed and items that have just been purchased and need cleaning. Its also great because there is a shelf underneath for shoes, bags and shipping materials. Not to mention I can hang them by color and make it look like a rainbow in my studio! I am totally loving it (even though I have less wall space for my wardrobe_remix photos).

Also exciting, is this cute little wall rack I purchased from Hunt and Gather awhile back. It only had three hooks on it, but I figured that I could easily find more hooks to match and add them myself. Well I finally found some and and added them today! I can I just say that I am absolutely loving this. I only have a couple necklaces on each hook, and they're never going to get all tangled in the morning when I am trying to get to work again. Awesome! As you can see, I also organized these by length (Is my nerd showing?).

I have nothing next on my list, but I am sure Ill find something soon. I just love projects! What are you guys currently working on around the house? Anything? Am I just crazy?
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