Thursday, September 11, 2008

fashion dot overload

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Okay, let's start over...

Hello my name is Alli, and I am NOT addicted to clothes I swear. Well, maybe I am but it will lull soon and I will not be able to stop posting about furniture and design again. Just you wait. But for now, in an effort to try and quell an insatiable pain within me to get up and leave the gallery and GO BUY MORE SHOES, I will introduce you to another addiction: craigslist. Many of you might suspect that I may spend hours, and HOURS looking at furniture on craigslist. You are right. I can't help but look at every single posting that is posted in a day (with a picture, mind you, let's not get ridiculous) for fear that I might miss something good. In actuality, I could edit out a lot of really bad crap by filtering my searches a little more, but no. Of course not.

But all of this craziness usually turns out for the better, aside from some unintended late nights and missed boyfriend connections. For instance, these cuties:

Alex and I have been looking for the perfect pair of matching nightstands since we moved in (Alex is still using crusty old moving boxes, ew), and to no avail. Nothing. Nowhere seems to have what we are looking for (something small-ish, with only one drawer or so, lower to the ground because our bed is lower to the ground, and in good condition if they are vintage). But today I saw these while doing my usual lunch-time-skimming AND I LOVE THEM. Of course, I wish they were white. But either way. I am going to go look at them this weekend, I think. They had just better be in perfect condition for $125, or else I am going to ask if she will go lower. Serious.

But I think that my all-time favorite craigslist score has to be these dining room chairs, below.

They are made by a vintage 50's-60's brand called Heywood-Wakefield. They are very highly sought after. And we got eight for $100!!! They came from a graphic designer's studio in the Carlton Artist Lofts who was in some kind of hurry to get them out of his space. So they were a bit beat up, but I had a great time cleaning and polishing the finish and making them my babies, as you will see! And they look so great!

Before and After (although that chair on the left still has that poop stain):

They all had tape on the backs with "rm 101" or similar, so I am guessing they came from a school and that they were labeled to stay in the rooms. They were a bitch to get off. A seriously fat bitch (too far?).

And these are the magic solutions I used to clean them so beautifully. I read about them on Apartment Therapy and highly, highly recommend them for all of your future basic hard-wood polishing needs. Plus, the wax polish stuff on the right is citrus-scented! Nice!

My next endeavor will probably be either a) finding a new knob for our trash-end-table, or b) hemming the living room curtains because they are about a mile too long... stay tuned peeps.
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