Wednesday, January 20, 2010


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On Monday I got a haircut. Which is big, since I've been cutting/trimming my own hair forever now... For some reason I just have a hard time spending $50 every 4-6 weeks for a haircut when I have so very little hair (and can do it myself). Although now that I have a job, its not like I cant afford it, I would just rather spend it on some drinks with friends or a pair of nice shoes!

And not only that, but I got it colored AND I GOT A MASSAGE! Alex, the sweetheart, got me a gift certificate to Sanctuary Salon and Spa in the warehouse district for Christmas, and it was wonderful! I got to wear a fancy robe and drink fancy tea and they even used HOT TOWELS. I would highly recommend anyone even thinking about getting a massage to go there. It feels so nice to have a professional haircut, nice and clean and fresh, with brand new color! LOVE IT!
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