Sunday, January 17, 2010


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1.16.10, originally uploaded by allison the valiant.

I am not fully certain that this dress I got recently is actually vintage. It is so soft and new and clean looking! It could be that it was made from a new fabric in a vintage pattern... but if it is vintage, MAN IS IT PERFECT.

Alex and I had a great day yesterday (which is when I wore this dress for the first time). We slept in, went to breakfast (although we ended up eating lunch) at Citizen Cafe (because Colossal was closed for remodeling!?), then headed over to the mall to redeem Alex's Banana Republic gift card (he didnt end up finding anything, but I did of course) and to Ikea to get our living room a new rug! Then we came home, watched some football and ate chicken nuggets 'n tots with barbeque sauce. THE BEST EVER.

dress: vintage, from Everyday People
belt: vintage, from Rewind Vintage
tights: gift from my sis, from American Eagle
socks: Alex's dress socks, they are so soft!
Minnetonka Moccasins: brand NEW, thrifted from Value Village

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