Friday, January 29, 2010

a few quick things.

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1 I need a new fur collar. A different one. One that is small, detachable, and preferably with a cute little string tie. Like Cali Vintage's (below)! I passed one up on Kennedy Holmes Vintage a great while back, and regret it almost every time I visit the internets...

2 WHAT. I spotted this photo of a gucci briefcase over at SF Style and it struck me as almost identical to the brown $2 Savers version I have (and was obsessed with this spring - need to bring that puppy back out soon!) Even right on down to the floppy handle and unique metal clasp. Its like I am automatically drawn to knock-offs at the thrift store unconsciously. What does that say about me?!

3 I NEED to get out of Mpls. Yes I really do love you, but am going a little stir crazy with the cold, gloomy, dark. Alex and I do have plans to go to scenic (yes, even in winter) Duluth in a couple of weeks, but maybe a California Getaway is in order. At least Duluth will give me an excuse to finally wear this perfect pink number I scored at Blacklist Vintage forever ago. I was hoping I wouldnt have to wait until Valentines Day to wear it, but I am cool with wearing it at LEAST then. Alex, we need to go somewhere appropriate to wear it... hint hint!

4 PS: Blacklist Vintage is MOVING! I tots picked that up from Facebooks. Although, not to worry, they are only moving a block and a half away to the old corner salon location. Should give them A LOT more space for the overflowing stock they have there. Can I expect an Opening Party, ladies??

5 I am getting DANG GOOD at the drums on Beatles Rock Band.

That is all (for now).
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