Friday, January 17, 2014

resolutions for 2014

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Although this is belated, I think it really has taken me a few weeks of the new year to formulate what changes I need to make for myself this year. And so, some words + pictures for you (but mostly me, we all know the real reason we really blog our resolutions for...)


+ Take better care of my skin, particularly on my face. Cleanse EVERY DAY, moisturize EVERY DAY, and remove makeup at night ALWAYS (I don't do any of these things with any sort of regularity). You are growing older missy, and so is your skin! It is time to take care of yourself.

+ STOP CHEWING MY CHEEKS! Okay bad habit, the buck stops here. I will get this under control if it kills me. Because you guys, this is killing me! (not literally, obviously) But it is an ugly habit, one that guarantees that I get a bunch of canker-sores and go through a thousand tubes of chap-stick a year, all while garnering funny looks from people as they watch with fascination while I stress-chew my own face off.

+ Read more books. I have a seriously long queue this year and feel an urgent need to finish them all (which is not unlike the urge I commonly feel to cross things off my to-do list, but definitely more related to the knowledge I'll consume and enlightenment I'll feel as opposed to the former). I have been flying through the Game of Thrones series (actually, the books are called A Song of Fire and Ice) and it really has rekindled my love of reading. I'm hoping I can keep that momentum going when I finish the series!

+ More traveling in 2014! Big and small trips. We already have some exciting tentative plans for the Fall (which I will fill you in on at a later date, dont you guys worry), but I definitely want to be more spontaneous with small trips and vacation days this year. Carpe Diem, Allison! Those vacation days won't use themselves!

+ And, as always, TAKE MORE PICTURES! I always do great with this one through most of the year, and then taper WAY OFF in the Winter at the end of every year. I just lose that motivation with the change of seasons and frigid cold. Work on strategies for getting yourself motivated and inspired and MAKE ROOM for photography all the time.

PS: I have to say, looking back on my resolutions for 2013, I feel pretty good about how I did. I touched on every single goal except for that last little one :)

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