Friday, November 1, 2013

#selfie roundup

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You guys, I just realized why my blogging has been slacking lately (read: almost completely non-existent). It's totally because I've been replacing my blogging habit with my Instagram habit (read: micro-blogging). It makes total sense! What used to be wardrobe_remix photos taken in my house (I havent taken a single one in 2013), are similar, but are now just selfies I take at work. So in celebration of this discovery, I will give to you an officially blogged Instagram bathroom selfie roundup of some of the best from the past few months, haha! You can always follow me on Instagram if you dont already. And if you do, apologies for the redundancy!
PS: You can finally see the progress I've been making in growing my hair out in these pics. My favorite is the way it looks in the middle right photo, the one where I am wearing a beanie. I wish it could look like that all the time! The girl in this street style photo was my original inspiration (wah I cant find the original source now!). But I'm almost there! I can almost taste it.

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