Thursday, July 10, 2014

an outfit post / or how alli got her groove back

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Dudes. I'm sorry, 2014 has been seriously getting away from me. I cant believe it's July! Let's pretend that didnt happen. And so how better to pretend to do that but with AN OUTFIT POST! I wore this casual outfit recently, when Alex and I took a spontaneous trip up to the Como Conservatory. I hadnt been there in so long, maybe since middle school! And it was the perfect muggy, Minnesota summer day for it.

dress: from Emma? // sandals: Birkenstocks, my summer sandal of 2014, thrifted // bag: American Apparel

It was seriously so gorgeous, wayyy moreso than I remembered. I could just be that I have developed much more of an appreciation for plants now. I mean, check it out, they have an entire room for different species of ferns! Alex looks overwhelmed by it all.

And get ready you guys, because this is just the beginning. It's officially the start of a new era for dotluv. As you may have noticed, the blog got a major redesign (and still has some minor bugs to work out, apologies.) But boy, do I have a whole slew of posts in the works for you. A whoooole lot of house updates, and some exciting news. Stay tuned! And as always, thanks for sticking around ;)

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