Friday, June 22, 2012

domestic partyship

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A few weeks ago, our good friends Ben and Bill had a cookout/party to celebrate their recent (official) domestic partnership status. It had to have a theme of course, so they decided on Domestic PartyShip, a nautical party me maytee, arr! They even handed out sailor hats as party favors, and I have to say, everyone looked smashing! Almost as if we all walked directly off a (very fashionable) boat and into their lawn, haha.

It was one of the first perfect summer days with nothing but sunshine and a light breeze, just warm enough for a campfire late at night. Here are some of the pictures I captured with the famous Canon Demi S. For some reason, I must have been really into taking portraits that day. So here are a selection of those, with lots more on my Flickr!

I am so happy for you both, congratulations again Ben & Bill! I wish you both an eternity of happiness.

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