Wednesday, May 23, 2012

canon demi s (dot) luv

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Y'all, now that that MASSIVE blogger template debacle is taken care of, I can finally show you the first roll of film I got back from shooting with a new (vintage) camera I got fixed awhile ago (note: there is a Christmas tree in one of these pictures!). It's called a Canon Demi S, and I am totally in love with it. It's a half-frame camera, which means that it shoots two vertical photos per 35mm frame, giving you twice the photos per roll of film! Plus, it's really cool to see how the photos line up, creating funny little diptychs.

I was worried that the old camera wouldnt wind perfectly anymore, which would mean that each photo would be off a bit, and that the frames wouldnt line up properly when scanned in (I go to Walgreens for all of my 35mm needs, so I'm never quite sure that the machine wont eat my film or screw them up, but so far so good!), but I neednt have worried, they turned out so so great didnt they?!

These are some of my favorites so far. Oh, and dont worry, I am so totally in love with this tiny camera that I brought it with me to California! (COUGH THAT NEW HEADER MIGHT BE A SNEAK PEEK COUGH COUGH) I'll be sharing some of those images soon.  I'll definitely be bringing it with me wherever I go from now on. As usual, more on my Flickr!

SIGHHH... Doesnt it feel good to be back to our regularly scheduled programming? Please let me know if you notice anything weird with the new look or find that you still cant comment (IN WHICH CASE you may need to update your browser to Google Chrome... that's what I use). Thanks lovelies!

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