Tuesday, May 1, 2012

technical difficulties

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You guys, I still cannot believe that the commenting issue has not been resolved. Even after my multiple attempts to understand and fix the problem (thanks again for the heads up, Kimi!). Rest assured that this is my number one priority (which will probably involve an entire template switcheroo, dangit) AFTER I get back from cali next week. Yes! My best girl Angie and I are going to visit my best girl Katie in LA this weekend! I am hoping that it gets warmer out there, because seriously... I need a sunny vacation. And dont worry, Ill be taking plenty of film photos as usual, and will be posting on instagram. You can keep tabs on me there until I get back and I hunker down to get this fixed.

To all of you out there who follow my blog (I know there are a few of you... ), thank you for being there for me despite not being able to comment. And please, when I do get this thang figured out, introduce yourself! I cant wait to meet all of you guys. :D

PS: Isnt that polaroid of us three up there pretty much the best ever for this post? It was taken during the most awesome girls getaway weekend last Spring. Love you girls (EMMA YOURE IN THERE TOO DUH OMG)!

**EDIT 5/17/12: Bear with me while I switch to a brand new template! I am sure this one will have its fair share of bugs to work out, and it may take awhile before I am posting like normal again, but it should be up and running soon. Thanks for your patience everyone!**
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