Saturday, April 21, 2012

work work work

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I haven't been taking many wardrobe remix pictures lately, and have felt bad about that. It makes me feel like Im not wearing anything work documenting (yeesh!) But the ones I have taken are all work outfits, and I dont share much about that, so here goes!

I'm pretty lucky in that I dont have to wear business formal or even business casual to work. Most peopl have a dress code like that, but since I work at an art school and in a department that gets our hands (sometimes really) dirty, I get to wear jeans. Everyday. I do try to look nice though, in order to maintain some kind of authority over the students I work with and just in case I have meetings to attend last minute. Here is a pretty good glimpse at my average work wear.

And to be honest, if I go out at night after work, I ofter just slap on some lipstick to dress up my outfit, and call it good!

Speaking of work, I have had a pretty long week. I am exhausted. We are nearing the end of the school semester, so I've got my hands full at work, and probably will for another week or so. Also, my husband is out of town, attending a bachelor party road trip to The South (which I am actually a bit jealous of). So I have some time to myself this week! Last night I went to two art openings and a friends' show at the 400 bar. Staying out late with friends is amazingly fun and therapeutic, even when your feet hurt and your head doesnt hit the pillow until 3am.

Today I went to an Antiques Show and Flea Market at the fairgrounds by myself, which I was so glad to get to do, but alas didnt find ONE SINGLE THING that I would want to purchase (what??). Everything seemed pretty measly and overpriced, except for this amazing booth of vintage kilim and turkish hand-woven rugs. YOU GUYS, I CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT THEM. Unfortunately, they were understandably well out of my price range, but I ogled and felt them all up and chatted with the nice rug man anyways... le sighhhh.

Tonight I was hoping to meet up with some buddies instead of spend a Saturday night at home, but it looks like the jammy pants are officially going on, and I am officially in for the night. Ahhh, cant wait to listen to all of the drunk (getting rained on) people out in Uptown tonight... Well no matter, because I have a beer and Charmed on Netflix, and about 2,000 1920's dresses to peruse on eBay. Sounds like a great night to me!

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