Thursday, June 28, 2012

things ive been thinking about lately...

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Does your partner annoy you? Joanna from Cup of Jo always asks her readers to weigh in on questions she poses. And this one really made me think. Because while I am totally head-over-heels in love with my partner, yes, there are still things that bug me about him. But she makes a good point (or rather, her husband Alex does) that annoyances are "part of the fabric of the relationship. They try to act like they're driving each other crazy but they really can't live with out each other. Annoyances aren't a deal killer. They're a natural part of a long, happy marriage."

Things that Alex does that annoy me:
-He is such a smarty-pants. He always has to explain things to me in a very calculated, scientific, smarty-pants way. When I dont understand the language he's speaking, I end up getting even more frustrated.
-His reluctance to try new things (which he has been getting better and better about in the last few years, but very slowly). He always wants to go back to his favorite restaurants, and go on the same vacations over again, and do things the way he's always done them. I hate doing things the same way twice, even watching movies for a second time! There are just too many things/places I havent gone yet to think about going back again!

Things that I do that annoy Alex:
-In general, I am very good at spelling and grammar. But the one that I never say right is "borrow, and lend." Somehow I manage to always say "Emma borrowed me this book," instead of "Emma lent me this book." (Did I say that right?)
-I watch bad tv. He cant stand being in the same room with me when Im watching Gossip Girl, Charmed, Law and Order or any crime show. He can be half-listening and still find fault with the plot or the legitimacy of the show. He hates them.

Also, I totally stumbled upon one of THE BEST twin cities guides! All thanks to Design*Sponge! It is written from the point of view of an actual local, instead of sounding like every other city guide out there (aside from The City Scout, of course!!!), regurgitated over and over again from soul-less internet articles and best-of lists. It is seriously amazing and comprehensive, you should check it out.

Design*Sponge ALSO did a little home tour yesterday of Sarah & Greg's Los Angeles apartment, whom I had a chance to meet up with while visiting Miss Katie back in March. It was so great to see your amazing apartment Sarah & Greg, Katie & Scott talk about it all the time! (Go check it out, I especially love that vintage couch and chair set!)

TRAVELING... I have that itch again! I know, I just went to CA, but it was such a short visit! I was browsing Airbnb yesterday, and I found this adorable little flat in Istanbul for only $14/night (THOSE VIEWS OMG)! I think I might have to make that happen. UGHGhGhGHHHHHhhhh.

PESTO. It is taking over my life! We've had a few weeks of our CSA delivered now, and all we seem to be getting these first few weeks is spinach, arugula, swiss chard, salad greens and more salad greens! When we cant quite finish them at the end of the week, I've been throwing them all into the food processor with some walnuts, garlic, olive oil and S+P to make a quick pesto. But NOW I have too much pesto... a few small jars of it in my fridge. But I found out last night that I can just scoop it with some crunchy french bread and some spreadable goat cheese and it is to die for. BEST THING EVER.

What's up with you guys? I feel like we havent caught up in awhile.

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