Sunday, November 27, 2011

the perfect little black skirt

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I have been wearing this skirt nonstop lately. I got it at the swap awhile back, was it yours? Well anyways, I've been wearing it a lot. This particular outfit I wore to a happy hour to celebrate with the newly-wed Maggie, and later on Erin stopped by too! I had tons of fun, as usual, and I got to try Bell's Double Cream Stout, which I really liked. Yummmm, winter beers! I love this time of year, if only for the beers, the Holidays and hibernating at home with my hubby. I am not looking forward to snow...

dress/tunic worn as top: H&M
skirt: from the swap!
tights: random
socks: husband's
boots: Crown Vintage, from DSW
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