Monday, October 24, 2011

swap swap swappity swap

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Since I love them all so much, I decided to do a quick post about the pieces I snagged at the clothing swap a couple of weeks ago! It seemed like I had a fashion affinity with both Maria and Nora the most that particular day. Also, there are a few that I do not know who they came from, if you want to chime in out there!! I love knowing the history of an item. Thanks you guys, I had an awesome time!!!

The perfect sundress from Maria:

A b/w checkered dress from Emma!

Cashmere wrap sweater from Nora:

Amazing denim trousers from Nora:

A fur-collared jacket from Maria:

And the best find, a vintage wool peacoat! That I am in love with! ALSO FROM NORA!

I also have some striped espadrilles, the perfect black mini skirt and a cozy oversized sweater to try out (not pictured)!
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