Monday, October 31, 2011

happy hallows, everyone

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I dont have much to share tonight, except that I just got home from the first of what will be many late nights at work, and am eating my favorite pizza, from Uptown Pizza, with artichokes! Good thing I got my Halloween party-time self all worn out on Saturday night! Alex and I hosted it at our place again this year, and let's just say that I got all Star Wars-ed out. Here's the playlist for proof of good-times.

I'll leave you all with this hauntingly beautiful claymation video with an equally haunting and beautiful score, found via Teenangster. It's called "Mound" by Allison Schulnik. I've seriously watched it several times now just to watch different characters faces and things going on in the background. ITS SO AMAZING AND I CANT LOOK AWAY.

Mound by Allison Schulnik from garaco taco on Vimeo.
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