Wednesday, August 28, 2013

lighting update!

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I have been waiting a long and hard 11 months to get the light fixtures in the living / dining room changed out, as that is where we spend the majority of our time and therefore, find ourselves staring at the hideous builder's grade boob light fixtures most often in. We finally got around to it these past few days... Pro tip: installing things on the ceiling during a 110 degree heat wave is not fun! So sweaty and tired!! But it was worth it.

Exhibit A: Before! The dreaded (matching) boob lights!

Exhibit B: After! We've got two new reproduction ceiling medallions installed and two beautiful (unique) fixtures! (Sorry for the filtered iPhone photos y'all, its all I got!)

The medallions still have to be caulked, patched and touch-up painted (and we're missing just one of the bulbs in the chandelier? (I dont really know what happened there) But they are up and they look beautiful! Hooray!

EDIT: Now that the new fixtures are up, I am sort of feeling the urge to rearrange the dining room art wall. So soon, you say? Why yes, I only finished installing that about 6 mo ago, but I think a change in the art for Fall is an all-around good idea, no? A9Alex is going to kill me when he reads this! :D )
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