Saturday, February 23, 2013

MIA Third Thursday: Vintage Style

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I had the great honor of being asked to walk (as a last-minute replacement) in the MIA's Third Thursday Fashion show, featuring several vintage and thrift store's looks during one of the last MN Fashion week events on Thursday night! I was representing Blacklist Vintage, with one other model, and I have to say that the two looks Vanessa picked were superb, my absolute favorites. They were the perfect representation of Blacklist Vintage and what they are all about. All of the other shops did a great job of showing off their individual styles too, they were all so different and so great!

I have to give a shout out to my buddy John from Scout Vintage on having the best men's looks of the night, showing off his more 90's grunge facet of vintage rugged menswear (you can check out his beautiful shop - designed by my other fabulously talented buddy Bill - over here!) and for keeping me company while we all did all of the run throughs and hair/makeup/sitting around.

Kimi and the other staff at the MIA did an amazing job of hosting a high-caliber, high-energy, and quality runway show (among a slew of other events happening that night that I did not get the chance to partake in). One of the best and most fun shows I've gotten to walk in to date. And congrats to Megan and Nora of Two Birds, for hosting what seemed like an amazing photobooth, there were always lines around the corner! Sorry I didnt get a chance to say hi and chat you two!


Anywho, you can check out the City Pages' recap of the event here (they managed to take the best photo of my look BY FAR). And more photos of the event on the MIA's flickr, here and Facebook, here. EDIT: Also, here's a time-lapse video!

Thanks again Vanessa and everyone involved in the event, it was super fun!

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