Monday, February 25, 2013

kitchen inspiration / a reader poll!

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Okay peeps, I told myself I wouldnt begin tiling the kitchen backsplash right away after we got the house, since it's one of the larger projects on my list. These things take time (and monies!) But after further review (and after Anna from Door Sixteen just posted her big tiling job), I think I might need to move this project up a bit! I'm just itching for that yummy subway tile! And it really is so affordable (Home Depot's is only $1.84 per square foot). Just time consuming. I can't imagine I'm going to want to do this project this spring/summer/fall when all I want to do is hang out on our new patio in the backyard (larger project #1 on the list!) and drink margaritas all day long. SO, a winter project this must be! Either this or next.

Here are some great inspiration photos I've been gathering for our kitchen. It's the subway tile, yes, but also the general look and feel of these new turn-of-the-century style kitchens that I love. I want to also add more period-style fixtures and some wood touches here and there.

But here's the catch guys... I cant decide on a few aspects of the subway tile. How far up should it go? My instinct tells me up to the bottom of the small window in the butler's pantry area, and then continue that height all the way around the room. BUT, would that look weird if I tile the wall with the two windows only that high up? Should I tile the wall with the windows at all, or all the way up?? And lastly, should I tile the column in the center of the room at all, and how high up? The same height or all the way up?

It's little things like this that keep me up at night, guys. Exciting stuff, I know. So here's a poll! I need your advice for consideration, until I decide to undertake this project. Who knows, if everyone's pretty much unanimous, this might get done sooner rather than later! Haha, dont tell Alex... :)

EDIT: Wow, none of these images are available anymore. Sorry for the broken links, guys! I'll try to get these replaced soon.

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