Friday, December 7, 2012

another outfit post! (and a little something extra)

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Hey, look at me! I am blogger, hear me roar!

Here is another outfit post, where I am wearing a dress! This dress was purchased at the two*birds sale this weekend, which I luckily had time to stop at, during an eventful weekend this past weekend. I LOVE the polka dots! So perfect! I cant wait until this next weekend too, when I have my first of several holiday parties to attend, where I will wear (another!) fancy holiday dress! I am feeling so festive, guys. Expect another feeling festive post. For sure.

PS: Can you spot the "little something extra" in this outfit photo?

That's right! I got a new tattoo! I am loving it. AND I am loving Steady Tattoo on University. Best tattoo artist experience so far. Though I did have to wait a loooooong time for a walk-in appointment, it was worth it.

dress: two*birds sale!
tights: random
boots: vintage, thrifted
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