Sunday, December 9, 2012

feeling festive (part two)

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I know you've all been waiting, but here are the final shots of our Christmas decorations this year! And I even used an actual camera, instead of my iPhone, for once.

Our First Christmas in a giant house means buying a bunch of new stuff, like lights, hardware and candles and all kinds of unexpected things. PLUS, for some reason I really had my heart set on a real Christmas tree this year, which I have never had the urge to try before. All that mess, and having to water it everyday? No thanks! But I think it has something to do with having a Victorian house, a real tree just feels more authentic. And it really is beautiful (and huge)! I still might add a garland of some sort (cranberries strung on a string? cut paper streamers?) but Alex isnt sold... We will see.

UPDATE: Robert Plant (that's our sad, droopy plant) was feeling a bit jealous. So I helped him out a bit with his Christmas spirit! I hope it helps... poor Robert.

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