Wednesday, August 29, 2012

house sneak peek: before

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After a total of 8 months of looking for a house, finding one we loved, waiting to hear back on our offer, and lots of stressful back-and-forth with sellers, banks, the city, and finally closing, we are moving into our very own house this weekend!! Sorry for the radio silence between posts lately, but how about this: in full celebratory form (since we have not really celebrated yet, have we?), I will leave you with a little sneak peek of "before" pictures that I took during inspection numero two. Keep in mind that I have already started to begin transforming a lot of this house with fresh (white) paint, new (antique) fixtures and lots of elbow grease, which you will see over the coming months. We've already spent our first couple of weekends as homeowners painting, updating electrical, and excavating the jungle that has become the backyard. And oh yeah, did I mention that we already had a tree fall down? So, thats hard work! Are you as excited as I am!?!? Probably not, but I dont care!!  :) Enjoy the pics and talk to you guys soon, I swear.

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