Monday, August 27, 2012

bday bday bdayyy

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Yesterday was my 26th Birthday, and man was it great! Unfortunately, I had to work all day on Saturday and then got a tiny bit done at Laurel (we finished painting the living room! yay, finally!), and pretty much passed out early after that. But my best friend Emma came over to Laurel bright and early (ish) make me savory delicious birthday pancakes for bfast, and I cant imagine a better use to initiate our new stove! (You seriously have to get the recipe from her, they had corn, and herbs and BACON in them!) Then my parents came over, and our good friend Trygve too. The boys took down the fallen tree in back with a borrowed chainsaw and lots of elbow grease. The whole thing was covered in vines, and so were the surrounding trees. I can't believe what a mess it was back there. But we now have a good tree-sized pile of waste to take to the garden center. Finally, I got a good head start on painting the entryway (flat black! its going to be so fancy!) while my mom scrubbed everything she could get her hands on (the kitchen and bathrooms, the windows and baseboards, oh my!). Oh also! My dad power-washed the front and back porches for us! They look so amazing and shiny and clean now!

Then as a surprise, Alex and I got changed and he took me to The Bachelor Farmer for a wonderful Birthday dinner! (PRESIDENT OBAMA HAS EATEN THERE YOU GUYS). I got to wear my dress that I had altered at the tailor (was long-sleeved and high-necked, now it has a LOW BACK!) My friend Katy is the hostess there, so she sent over some champagne as a treat (what a nice lady! Thanks Katy!) All in all, I have to say it may just be the best and most satisfying Birthday of all time. Thanks family and friends for being the best a girl could ask for!

dress: vintage 70's, thrifted, and altered by the tailor to be sleeveless
wedges: Mossimo, thrifted from Fake Target

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