Thursday, March 22, 2012

house porrrrrrrn

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My pinterest has been filling up with major house inspiration. Like, for real... I've pinned everything from spatulas to doors to floors to couches and lamps with complete abandon. And I suppose it's no secret that Alex and I have been looking at houses, which has only added fuel to the fire. But let me tell you that it has been both stressful and exhilarating! It's so fun to imagine and pick out your dream house, but also scary to think you might never find it, or might be out-bid! Houses are going like hot cakes in this market.

Hopefully, we'll have some exciting news on that front soon, but for now let's just do some house ogling, shall we? In the style of SFgirlbybay's "In my dreams, I live here" posts, here are some of my favorite recent house inspirations. An ode to the house of my dreams, and to hoping it comes true! (Cross your fingers for us everyone, we need everything we can get!!)

(All sources can be found via my Pinterest)
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