Tuesday, April 3, 2012


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Sorry I've been pretty MIA from the blog lately. I have nothing very exciting to report. I have however, been eating some great food, hanging with great friends, and other boring stuff like that. So here's a little instagram round-up of what my life has looked like these past few weeks. A Handsome Husband, some rollerskating (or lack-there-of), manicures, a little thrifting here and there, and beers from India, oh my!

PS: I've also started doing Ballet Beautiful (that's another thing off of my new year's checklist, woo-hoo!). Has anyone else tried it? (except you, Miss Carla) It is really kicking my ass. Seriously, the first two days I could barely walk, my butt hurt so much. I hate that I knew I was out of shape, but I didnt realize I was that out of shape. The exercises have been getting gradually easier though, which is so cool!

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