Tuesday, February 14, 2012

swap remix

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I think everyone should have clothing swaps. I can't believe I had never participated in one until this past fall, with some of my new blogger friends. Well, aside from a few close girlfriends asking if we wanted something before they got rid of it, that is... I always look at my old clothes and accessories as kind of boring and yuk. But when brought to the swap, girls were grabbing for them! One blogger's trash is another blogger's treasure, I guess! And that is definitely true of the new items I was lucky enough to take home at the last one we did, in January. I have been wearing my new items non-stop!

Red Gingham shirt: vintage, swapped

Last time, the majority of items I ended up grabbing originally belonged to Nora, or Maria, I found out. This time, most of the things I brought home were my best lady Emma's, and I didnt even know it at the time! (There's a super cute photo of Emma and I over on her blog, in some of our swapped items, btw. ISNT IT SUCH A CUTE PHOTO?! Best ladies <3 <3 <3) Also, if one the items below was yours, let me know. It is super fun to know who's clothing I'm giving a new life to.

Vintage Fair Isle cardigan, skinny double-wrap belt and basic black dress: all swapped

Equestrian Print flannel shirt: vintage, swapped

Can you tell I cant wait for summer?!?! White cotton blouse and leather bag: swapped

These amazing green cuffed shorts with belt: swapped!

Here are the things I got from the swap. Remixed! And how I've worn them so far! This was a lot of fun to go through and think about different ways to wear my new pieces. I feel like I get into a sort of a style rut most of the time, since I dont have any time to put a lot of thought into my outfits. Especially in the mornings before work. I know I know, I think I grabbed a bit too much this time, the point is to GET RID of clothes, isnt it?!? Oh well... I'm in love with all of these pieces. Like, to bits. Especially that pink H&M dress. I knew I would want to wear it for Valentine's Day! However, I dont think it will be warm enough to go tights-less tonight, like I was hoping it would be. So tights-version it is. I'll let you know what Alex and I end up doing on our Valentines date, we dont really have any plans yet, but I think its way more fun to wing it sometimes and see what happens.

Pink H&M dress (and white cotton blouse again): swapped

Happy Valentines Day everyone, have a great night!
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