Monday, February 13, 2012

pork chops and rice

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Do you remember when I said that I was going to start eating meat again? Well here is the first recipe of 2012 that I made with... pork chops in it! I generally only eat real meat burgers and sometimes bacon, and tend not to want any other type of meat-things (unless it is sort of hidden in something, like chili). But Lunds had a two-for one sale on some meat type things awhile ago, and I jumped at the chance (meat is expensive, y'all!). Now, of course I let the chops sit in the freezer until we literally had nothing else to cook in the house (except, well mac' n cheese doesn't count, right?). But tonight it is snowing (a miracle for MN!) and something warm and hearty sounded just right for dinner. I made a dish that my mom used to make literally once a week for us growing up, but with a few differences. And Holy Cow, pork chops and rice is so easy people! You literally just throw some stuff in a baking pan and cook it in the oven for an hour. BAM, a delicious dinner.

This recipe called for cream of mushroom soup, and since we didn't have a can (who wants to run to the grocery store when its snowing and cold outside? Not me.) I winged it and used what the almighty internets suggested as an alternative, a cup of sour cream. That also sounds a lot healthier to me, dont you agree? For flavorings, I added in a lonely can of leafy green kale I had sitting around, and to spice it up, some cayenne and cumin (yummmyyyy). Also, the obligatory giant spoonful of garlic. I STILL have a can of minced garlic in our fridge from the CSA this summer... yep, we got a TON of garlic! I also used chicken broth instead of water. Much more flavorful.

And let me tell you folks, this was the most amazing, most comforting, most delicious meal for a cold winter's night. We cracked open a bottle of red, and I was pretty much ready for bed. Sweet sweet food (meat) coma. 
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