Monday, January 23, 2012

winter foods

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This Minnesota winter is finally starting to kick in (we had our first "feels like -30" the other day, yikes!), and so are my hibernation tactics. All I have been wanting for dinner lately is soup, potatoes, fresh-baked bread and red wine. I also havent been wanting to do anything except snuggle on the couch watching Netflix in my new jammies... Here are a few of the delicious winter things I've made.

Beef Stew (the beef is for Alex!)

Traditional Stroganoff over noodles

Apple Crisp, yummy (Alex's mom's recipe is the best)!

Potato and Turnip Gratin

Roasted Carrot and Asparagus with balsamic carmelized onions

Delicious Leek and Potato soup with Barley

(And a loaf of fresh baked bread!)

Yikes, I had no idea some of these pictures were so blurry! I guess I was just in such a hurry to eat them that I couldn't take a good picture first. It's a wonder I got any pictures at all, really.
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