Saturday, January 21, 2012

yes omg swap yes

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Today, Erin had us over for another swap: winter edition! It was, of course, so much fun (maybe even more fun than last time, if that's possible...). I feel like this type of get-together is just the perfect way to get to know the other bloggers better. Chatting, munching, trying on clothes.... it is really such a girl-fest! I of course, brought back a whole bag of stuff from girls like Lindsey, Maria, and Emma. I am sure there are others, I just have yet to learn who's. :) But that's just fine with me, because I brought at least three bags there in the first place. Win, win!

Anyway, here's what I wore, inspired by two images from my pinterest "outfit inspiration" board. The first, was this image from the Maison Scotch Fall 2011 lookbook (of which I am in love with!), and then I added a fur snood on top for a little bit of extra drama, inspired by this image of Jen from Jenloveskev. Mine is just a vintage fur collar that I wrapped around to make a scarf. Though I wish I had pinned it in place, because with all of the digging around looking for clothes and trying stuff on, it just would not stay put!

Huge thank yous again to all of the girls that came and brought such amazing clothes to swap, Erin for hosting us, and for Lindsey for taking so many pictures! I cant wait to see all of them soon.
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