Friday, December 2, 2011


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Is it too soon to be day-dreaming of my Christmas wishlist yet? I am always asking myself this question. Though, my mom asks for lists from all of us in early November so that she can get all of her shopping done by the time December (and the crowds) rolls around! She is super on-top-of-it! So I suppose, its not my own fault...

This year, as with most years now that I am getting a bit older (maturer?), I find myself asking for more sensible items, like winter boots and durable leather luggage. I do of course, have a few frivolous things thrown in there for a bit of fun, but I tend to like asking for gifts that will last me a very long time!

We have a tradition in my family wherein Santa Claus brings us a special bag of gifts on Christmas eve, while we are sitting down to dinner. We dont open any other gifts on Christmas eve, except for this one. It's new jammies! And I love it. The little kids in my family love it too, they are jumping out of their skin during dinner, because they know Santa is coming, and want to be the first to spot the package! I think I'll ask Santa for this classic nightshirt from J.Crew. GUH, THAT CONTRAST PIPING! I am in love!

This year, the most important thing on my list I have asked for: a good pair of black wedge booties. (You may remember Emma's inaugural post awhile back in her "Cold Season" series where she illustrated me with my No. 1 Most-Wanted item for winter and it was this very thing!) I have tall black boots and I have short, brown booties with sky-high heels, but I need something sensible in black to get me through the winter (and still looking fashionable, of course!). The ones I picked are from Urban Outfitters (bottom right), but my dream booties are Chloe, and far far out of my (or any of my family's) reach (top middle). These No.6 Clog booties are also a contender. Ahhhh, well...

Other smaller things: warm tights, wool socks, anything from Hansel from Basel. Especially these  woolrich striped tights in burgundy! You can never stock up on too many of these things during Minnesota winters.

I love these simple Kathryn Bentley Bracelets from Beklina. I'd take them in either gold or silver, because I think they'd be a casual way to add sparkle to any every-day outfit. Plus, I've been meaning to wear more bracelets, I am usually known for wearing silly amounts of cocktail rings, and not much in the way of other kinds of jewelry.

I actually bought this pair of BonLook prescription sunglasses glasses, Cocktail Hour in Black and Tortoise, as a sort of pre-Christmas gift to myself. I cant tell you how long I've been dying to get some, and when these came in the mail the other day, I knew I had chosen the right ones, for sure. Thanks everyone, for voting! (Can it be summer yet?)

Elbow Patches!! I want this six-pair set, so that I can put them on everything I own!! HAHAHAAA!

I am in desperate need of new Toms, this time I think I want red. Grey is what I have now, but I have a feeling that this cherry red color will brighten up my day every day that I wear them.

This mid-century designer pencil set from oneupdesigns on etsy. Kind of a novelty item, but I like them a lot, and plus they're only six bucks?! How could Santa not stuff by stocking full of these? I will use them everyday at work, and look pretentious at art school... It will be awesome.

A mobile from AM Radio on etsy. Aren't they cute?!?! I think they would add the perfect amount of whimsy and edge to our apartment. Plus, its a pretty unique gift. No one else would be getting this little guy.

Are you bored listening to me prattle on about the countless material things that I NEED IN MY LIFE YET? What are you guys wishing for this Holiday? Anything you just HAVE TO HAVE?
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