Wednesday, December 14, 2011

its glitter time

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In keeping with the holiday festive-ness of my recent blog posts, and in preparation for a Sparkle themed birthmachristavus (aka Holiday Party) this weekend, I finally got around to doing a glitter DIY that I have been meaning to do ever since these puppies popped up on the internets and broke my little heart. Why is it, that even when I find an amazing pair of shoes that I HAVE TO HAVE and they are a measly $22 at Forever 21, I still have to hemm and haw over whether or not to buy them!? Well no more people, because as affordable as that pair was, this remake that I whipped up, cost me even less! And now I have both the shoes of my dreams and the pride to say that I did it myself!

Now, I wont go too far into the details, since there are so so many how-tos for this kind of thing out there. BUT. I just have to say that it was so so easy. I took some pointers from this lovely lady and her tutorial, but did it a bit differently as well. The two big differences were that I 1) bought a pair of shoes from Savers that were covered in a suede-like material on the wedge sole part. I did a little reading and it seemed like glittering suede was not such a good idea, so I had to exacto-knife that crap off. Not too bad, no cut fingers or anything!

Then, 2) Kaylah recommends that you use a matte modge podge medium, but I used glossy. I dont know about you, but glitter just screams SHINY to me, and I didnt want to do anything that would cut back on the SHINY factor, you know what I mean?

1 Pair of Shoes (I got mine at Savers for $5, originally from American Eagle, and removed the suede)
1 tube of Modge Podge (I used Glossy)
1 container of Martha Stewart glitter in gold (I got the huge size because, why not?)
some sponge brushes
2 plastic containers to mix/keep the mixture in
newspaper to cover your work surface

Total cost of supplies for this project? $17 BUCKS!

et voila! GLITTER SHOES!

And because I was excited about my ability to glitter things, and the excess amount of glitter I had on my hands, I was all like, "so what else can I glitter in this joint?!?" I actually ended up glittering a plastic back cover for my iPhone as well! Glitter everywhere!! (more photos on my Flickr, as always)

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