Thursday, December 15, 2011

glitter manicures

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Okay, so I know that I just posted a glitter project. And now I am about to show you a manicure project (can you do me a favor and ignore the fact that this one also contains glitter so that I dont seem like a total cray? kay.) But, I have been meaning to try out a ton of great manicure ideas lately (seriously you guys, my pinterest runneth over). So I'll keep it short and show you just a coupla pics of how my first endeavor turned out! I super duper love it. It's flashy and festive, but also not too much in to the colorful category (which I always have a problem with). PLUS, its a pretty easy touch-up to cover any chipped polish you had on underneath. (In my case, I just had this sparkly mint green color on already, and put the black over it!)

How is everyone? Getting your Holiday Shopping and errands done? Not me, I got zip.
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