Sunday, December 18, 2011

what's another word for glitter?

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SURPRISE! ANOTHER GLITTER POST! Well, sorta. Yesterday, my lovely and most best-est friend Emma and her man-friend Bryan threw what I would have to call the most amazing Sparkle-themed Holiday Party. And while we all decked ourselves (and Emma's apartment) out with glitter and glitz, it was a dessert that ended up being my favorite part of the night. Behold, this cake that I made. Yes, that is gold leaf on top. And yes, yes you can eat gold leaf. AND IT IS DELICIOUS MY FRIENDS. 

Delicious gold sparkle on a delicious indulgent blackberry cocoa buttercream encrusted dark chocolate cake (with oreooooos!). I found the recipe here and knew immediately that I would have to make it and that I would have to make it for Emma. It was actually pretty simple to make! I cheated and bought buttercream frosting, and then folded in a cocoa and blackberry puree to make it the correct flavor and color. (A select few of you might remember the last time I tried to make buttercream frosting, and how it was a complete and utter flaming ball of disaster.) Try it at home for your next celebratory event, and you will not regret it! I got so many compliments on it!  For good measure, I've added a bunch of other party pics as well, some of them are not mine.

(I know I'm sorry Sarah! I had to add it, everyone looked so lovely! I hope you dont hate me... I for one, think you look hott.)
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