Thursday, October 6, 2011

model problems

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The fall fashion show at Blacklist on Tuesday night went so well! I did get nervous at one point on stage, and couldnt find my pockets for a few seconds! Oh well, it was such a minor problem. I am just so so thankful that I didnt fall! So far, there is only this one picture of me modeling on the internet, and I look sort of pissed! Luckily, Emma captured a few iPhone photos that are a little better. I will see if I cant get them from her soon. Also, here's a great write-up of the event from Jahna Peloquin, Twin Cities Fashion expert, on the L'etoile Magazine blog! More soon.

(photo by an adorable dude named Peter Holme)

EDIT: More reviews and photos here, here, here, here, and HERE. Here is one taken by Emma that I LOVE! I look like a fashionable blur! Thanks Emma!

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