Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hello Ladies Vintage summer pop-up sale!

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Hey guys,

Emma and I have been on a long hiatus with Hello Ladies Vintage League this past year. But this weekend we are having another Summer Pop-Up Sale! You dont want to miss this: In addition to previous delicious Hello Ladies clothing and accessories, Emma and I are cleaning out our closets and will be putting out some of our very own vintage favorites for sale! I for one, will have an entire rack of dresses from my closet in size XS/S 24"-26" in case you happen to be the same size. LUCKY YOU.

Come see us at the Sucka Free Art Sale
XY&Z Gallery
3258 Minnehaha Ave A Mpls 55406
Saturday, July 30th ONLY 2pm-11pm

Winter Coat sale in July!
Vintage clothing for all sizes of ladies!
Art and handmade items from 15 other local artists/vendors!

I would love to see your smiling faces there. Heart,
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