Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Bed / Ikea Hack No.2

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You might remember me mentioning a (long) while back about our Ikea Tobo entertainment unit. Alex hacked it to include ventilation fans and cord control slots in the back, additional support legs and more recently a lockable (and covered, to protect it from dust) drawer to hide the turntable.

Admittedly, we have to come to accrue several furniture things from Ikea over the years. Our most recent acquisition, and most beloved, is an Ikea Lillesand bed frame. We purchased it with our wedding monies (thanks wedding monies, what a lovely and appropriate thing to spend you on!), finally acquiescing to the fact that we needed a new bad frame. Our last bed was also Ikea, the Malm in medium brown (before pictures here). Which is low to the ground and very cheap. It had gotten scuffed and dented over the years and been through several different moves, so we decided it was time for a change. A big change. First, we wanted something higher off the ground, "a real bed" and for it to not be a dark wood that didnt fit in with anything else we owned anymore. I liked the Lillesand because it was almost like a vintage wrought iron bedframe, but IT DIDNT COME IN WHITE. Weird, Ikea. You always have a white option...

Oh well, this would be a fun project. We would buy the bed, take it to the shop at MCAD and PAINT IT OURSELVES. Well, it took several coats, several days to dry and then a ton of hoping and praying that we wouldnt scratch the paint job on the journey home or during installing it. And ta-dah! It is finally here, and we love it a lot.

We still need to tweak the placement of the large painting to the right, as it was centered over the last bed, and I am still thinking about bedside tables, but in the meantime my mini-chair will do just fine.

PS: I really wish I had taken these pictures before we put in the window air conditioner. Dang ugly window air conditioner. I despise you (please dont break on me)!
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