Monday, December 27, 2010

to do list part 1

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This week, since I get the whole week off of work, I have a long to do list to tackle. Several things on the list are your good old "do laundry, hang new painting, clean bathroom" but some are little projects I have been meaning to get around to since we moved in! And I have a good excuse to do them, because my aunt is visiting from California for the holidays, and is planning to come over to our place for lunch later this week! So first things first: install under cabinet lighting in the kitchen (below is the "before" picture).

This is something I have wanted to do so badly. We have one overhead light in our galley-style kitchen, and wherever I am standing, the light is behind me. So I am looking down at my shadow when I am trying to fix dinner or do dishes! It's pretty annoying...

Anywho! I finally did it today on my first day off, and man does it look good! It makes the whole kitchen, and even the dingy yucky cabinets look a lot more expensive, and nice. I got the system from Ikea (and had to go back a few times because they sell all of the parts separately, and I didnt get all the right ones at first).

But instead of drilling holes and screwing them in to the undersides of the cabinets like the instructions tell you to, I used a heavy duty doublestick gel tape that we carry at work.

We rent, so we cant make any permanent damage to the cabinets, plus now we can just take them with us if/when we move again! I also got some inexpensive cord control strips that we had laying around (also from Ikea) to hide the cords on the sides of the cabinets.

Twisty-ties were also very helpful for bundling up the excess cord underneath each cabinet section. Hiding those cords was tricky!

And voila! The results:

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