Saturday, November 28, 2009

Winter Wear

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Okay, I've got my winter wear looks down now. Thanks to weardrobe and this week's contest (winter wear, the prize is for $500!!! What?!) I now have options for what to wear on the outside! Now we'll see if I actually hold up that end of the bargain... usually I get super lazy (AND COLD) and double up on all of my layers, and mismatch scarves and hats etc in my hurry to get dressed in the mornings. But this contest makes me WANT to look more fashionable. I've got all of these great coats now (thanks thrift stores!) and so few places to wear them! Well anywho, I've at least got the little bloggy to show them off! (if you feel so inclined, you can go to my Flickr to read more about each coat)

Bring it on, winter!
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