Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the last week, in outfits

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Hey guys, I hate to sound like a broken record, but this last week has been TOTALLY busy for me. I realized last night that I hadnt even made a November 09 folder for my wardrobe remixes yet! I have photographed my outfits occasionally, but not posted them. So here they are, plus a little bit of extra photographic evidence from my week. (deets available on my Flickr, as usual).

(That last picture is of a drawing that my three-year old cousin Anders did, I really wanted to take it home with me!!) In other more current news, I will be having two Thanksgivings this Thursday, and Alex and I will be babysitting two kitties! We love it when we get to babysit them... Then I have lots of things to do like CLEAN our house, since I havent done that in weeks, get my roots dyed (also been too long!), and make some kind of big purchase with all of the overtime I've been getting (I'm thinking a new pair of Frye boots, but I havent decided for sure yet...). I am sure I will have some great updates for you as soon as all of this blows over. Peace out!
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