Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vintage Show and Sale

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My dear friend Emma and I went to a Vintage Clothing Show and Sale at the Minnesota State fairgrounds this past weekend, and wow was it fun! I have never seen that much amazing vintage in one place. Most of it was affordable, and the stuff that wasnt had VERY GOOD reason to be higher priced. (Swoooon!) AND this sale was all devoted to clothing. No digging around at different vendors booths filled with glassware and vintage Christmas decorations, looking for that one good piece of clothing.

This was amazing! I probably saw the most amazing collection of twenties and thirties clothing from a vendor called Go Vintage, who has a store in St. Paul that I have never been to! I will have to go back and see if they still have this perfect 40's navy toggle coat that I wanted so badly... I can't stop thinking about it. Emma also found a coat with a black and white pattern on it that she fell in love with.

At the end of the day, just when we were about to leave (and I was about to buy this great 50's cherry red dress for $65), I spotted the perfect silk dress with matching jacket, in my size, for only $25. Obviously, I changed my mind. The lady I bought it from was named Susan, and it was her dress when she was my age! I love it when that happens. Here she is (below) wrapping it up in paper for me. I will find some occasion to wear it soon, and will be sure to post some pictures. Thanks Susan!

All in all it was a blast, and nothing like I have ever experience before. If you live in or around Elgin, Illinois, you should get ready because that is where the next show will be held in February 2010. And of course, tell me all about it when you go!
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