Friday, October 23, 2009


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10.21.09, originally uploaded by allison the valiant.

stealin' some vintage for mahself yo.

This is a jacket that I purchased at the very first estate sale I went to this summer for the shop. I've been hoarding it to wear for fall ever since. I think it is of some sort of scandanavian origin, because of these little elks or deer all over it, but I cant be sure. All I know is that it is very thick and upholstery-like, which also makes it kind of structured. I like it a lot.

Worn with my recent splurge, H&M Sqin jeans (I have another pair and LOVE them because they are just high-cut enough)). I decided I had to go back for another pair and get rid of some that show my buttcrack when I bend over. Sick of that. Over it, Time to stay warm.

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