Friday, October 30, 2009

i dont know whats wrong with me lately

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But I am totally having a thing for beautiful editorials with romantic looking women in them. Naked women in them. I am obsessed with naked women. There are some really amazing things going on right now with photographers using young women, frills and lace, lingerie and sexuality as their themes. Very narrative and very intriguing. I dont know, is this tmi??

(The first few are by photographer David Hamilton, more on The Valentine Journals, then Wendy Bevan via Ringo, Have a Banana)
Its times like these that I wish I could draw or paint and make some ethereal portraits of women I'm inspired by OR EVEN have the balls enough to make self portraits. How amazing are some of these nudes by Anna Bongiovanni? (website here)

These next ones are work by the lovely Hannah Metz, of Hannah&Landon.

I mean COME ON, look at some of these old photographs of scandalous ladies! Who wouldnt want to photograph them?!? Well, I would.

Yes, I would love to just lie around half-naked in a bathtub please. In a very large house in the woods... (These images from a past issue of Vice, via Clever Nettle).
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